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Danny Boudreau In The Light


Something tells me I’m no more than a fatality of a war you’re fighting inside your head…

Danny Boudreau is a New York based artist and multi-instrumentalist. His latest release In The Light presents a musicality that is free from the confines of any single genre. The opening few moments feature a striking and memorable violin part, simple and rhythmic, atmospheric and melancholy, a sentiment which is soon backed up by the accompanying instrumental mix and the developing melody and lyricism.

Considering the title of the track, the song represents a certain darkness that is explored in a poetic and unquestionably honest manner. The melody is incredibly effective in portraying each line and each idea in a way that makes certain you’ve taken it in. From a songwriting perspective, the whole thing progresses in a powerful and distinctly emotional way. There are one or two lines within the song that really provoke a reaction and stay with you after listening – the song’s hook not least of all has a definite strength. You really only need to hear this release once to familiarise yourself with it and to then recognise the music or indeed the Danny Boudreau signature sound thereafter. His personality and musicianship come through in equal parts and it makes for a truly unique listening experience.

As an artist, Danny Boudreau offers open and unapologetic lyricism, creative musical sculpting, and a personal truth that is likely to connect with a number of audiences who have been through similar experiences or are feeling the same way about their current circumstances. The best art always comes from a willingness to show your true colours and to express those inner feelings that are otherwise painted over or ignored, particularly in mainstream music. This single is beautiful and comes with a fearless level of expression and a relevant element of the unexpected that undeniably works in its favour. Hopefully there’s more to come.

In the dark we live your fantasy, but who am I to you in the light? 

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