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Dan Cody Long Distance Line


Blending crystal-clear, organic soft rock sound-play, with mildly effected vocals and a certain Elliott Smith-esque softness, Dan Cody’s new EP brings together warmth of concept and style in a brilliantly engaging way.

Introducing a songwriter with a clearly extensive background on the scene, Long Distance Line marks a huge step forwards as a solo artist, and showcases a fine level of musical skill and song-writing alike.

The opening and title track is all of this, walking the line somewhere between the warmth of the Eels sound and the catchy, uplifting nature of Elbow – with a welcomed twist of Americana in the guitar bends and overall set-up.

All Right follows and leads with piano and bass, already setting a new vibe. Here we get a more Beatles-style of song-writing at first, spacious and straight to the point, with a simple, single lyrical resolve for the hook. Again, nostalgia and positivity intertwine, helping make this short yet bright collection an easy one to turn to whenever the weight of the world gets a little too intense.

Out Of The Blue is more of a rock piece – a catchy and mildly familiar leading riff meets with the crash of drums and quickly recreates that live sound we’ve all been missing this year. The lyrics progress to reflect on unexpected struggles; another poignant aspect considering the events of 2020. As ever though, Cody makes sure to keep things optimistic in the end – the song reminds you to have faith, and to keep on dreaming. A great pop-rock single with a timeless and memorable quality.

The featured voice of singer/songwriter Suzanne McNeil on Out Of The Blue seems to further its pop-softness and hopeful energy, almost leaning towards the sound of The Corrs or classic nineties pop-rock outfits in general. Just For You follows on in a similarly catchy yet organic vein, now uniting that Beatles sound with an almost Fleetwood Mac style level of colour.

This one builds up beautifully, features some gorgeously simple vocal refrains, and brings the EP to a bright and hypnotic finish.

Beautifully crafted, and a project that could easily have gone on for longer. However, as always, it’s far better to leave your audience wanting more than to overstay your welcome. Hopefully there’s plenty of additional material to come.

Check out Dan Cody via Facebook or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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