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Dan Cody I Wanna Know


Pouring through with the organic and hopeful makings of a folk-pop rising to pop-rock classic – Dan Cody makes fine use of layers, build-up and audio colours to weave a story of revealing personal intimacy and poetic openness.

I Wanna Know is a catchy number, simply put. There’s far more to it than this of course, a certain emotional complexity that feels genuine thanks to Cody’s recognisable and raw, authentic rock vocal. The song is mellow, joyful even in musicality, but that voice transcends with passion and allows the lyrics to seem undeniably true to the singer.

Our protagonist guides us, but ultimately the vagueness of the words allows them to mean something special to each listener – you make it your own, and that’s where good song-writing becomes great.

Simple in arrangement but with a few likable fragments of swagger and character to light things up, such as country-esque steel guitar slides from Joe Clapp, and some gorgeous featured vocals for dynamic from Suzanne McNeil – a singer and songwriter in her own right.

Think of a stripped-back Stones performances with an edge of Eddie Vedder’s acoustic days, only this is Dan Cody – paving his own way, getting vulnerable, truthful, and deeply human in his search for answers.

I WANNA KNOW is a song from the upcoming five-track EP Around The Dial. The eye-catchingly beautiful art-work for the single was created and designed by Steve Hudson. 

Visit Dan Cody’s Website for more music & info.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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