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Dan Cody For Love


Sublime soul-rock from Dan Cody lights up the room as this brand new single emerges.

Kicking into gear with a quickly seductive guitar solo and accompanying pop-rock backdrop, organic and warming from the outset, For Love goes on to present an aptly appreciative, loving single, which prompts listeners to focus on the right things in life; and uplifts and energises them in the process.

Featuring only a select few lyrics, For Love makes its intentions known and rides the wave of this throughout. Dan Cody’s vocals are mildly raspy yet accessible, genuine and up front within the recording – you can hear the passion, and the melody weaves its way through the soundscape in a beautifully satisfying manner. All of this speaks up on behalf of the loving sentiments of the song, as the main idea – that love is all we’ve got – resounds through the speakers.

Beautifully put together, an easy anthem to turn up loud right about now – particularly given the division that has swamped us lately. Dan Cody has a classic and nostalgic sound to his music, and this release is easy to like.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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