DÆRYA & LEΩ - WIND - Stereo Stickman



Seductively immersive, euphoric dance vibes rain down from the outset as DÆRYA & LEΩ present the immaculately crafted, post-seven-minute journey of WIND.

Building up beautifully with the nostalgically reverb-drenched presence of a relentless house rhythm, simple synth riff, and hypnotically echoing fragments, the single quickly connects with its audience.

Soon enough, the pace falls away, laying bare that voice for an intimate change in detail – a little Deserts Miss The Rain-like in soulful melodic embrace. Here we get our attention drawn in close, the anticipation builds, quiet ensues before the superb drop in to a fresh relaying of energy and pace and instrumental unity.

From delicacy to distortion, the layers are finely connected across the landscape of WIND – the structure keeps things moving constantly, yet not at the cost of those essential threads of familiarity. Enter new synths, hints of distortion, keys and thoughtfully organised chaos to juxtapose the organic soul of the piano and voice.

Intensity takes hold, the kind of late-night dance-floor peak that stops everyone from talking and sees a crowd of humans committed to the moment in silent euphoria.

Emotive and powerful as a single, in the way that SILENCE was and still is, the epic progression and delivery of WIND is timelessly engaging, and a dream to turn up loud and escape into.

Single Out February 18th. Check out DÆRYA & LEΩ on Facebook, Soundcloud & Instagram or their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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