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D.Thre3 Welcome To Dixie EP


Backed by a lifetime immersed in the music, rapper D3 hits the scene with unwavering passion and precision united.

Offering four original tracks, showcasing influences across hip hop’s entire history, from the haunting backdrops to the trap rhythms and cleanly mixed vocals, Welcome To Dixie highlights the contemplative and confident bars of an artist at the top of his game.

Tracks like the dark and mellow How contrast musical simplicity with an unsettling aura and increasingly intense vocal outpouring. Fast bars and outright purposeful writing emerges in a captivating wave that quickly lures you in.

Then there’s the notably emotive, piano-led When The Rain Come – shining light on another side to the D3 style, blending nostalgia and freshness again but also utilising the chance to connect with his audience on a genuine level. The storytelling is from the heart, the details are revealing and honest, and the music and performance more than meet the energy and authenticity required for these traits to stand tall.

Furthering this passionate and intentional approach is the melodically enchanting Free Tha Rea -, a topically heavy and relatable, defiantly dark track, which brings things to a memorable finish.

Always uniting work ethic and dedication, with faultless production and confident performances all round, D3 connects for his realness and impressive framing of ideas throughout this new EP.

Far from the start of his journey but undoubtedly the beginning of a notable new chapter, Welcome to Dixie helps mark a crucial and meaningful turning point for independent hip hop.

Download or stream Welcome To Dixie here. Check out D.Thre3 on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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