D Tech - Greene - Stereo Stickman

D Tech Greene


Miami’s D Tech kicks back into gear with a smooth soundscape and contrastingly heavy beat for this latest single.

Leading with strength of songwriting, short lines and a clear conceptual direction, Greene is a simple anthem of a track that progresses from mellow to intense in a subtle yet stylish way.

Coming in at barely past the 1.5 minute mark, Greene pours into the room like a fragment of an idea; a taste of something to come. It intrigues and appeals for its professional and immersive ambiance, and it connects and satisfies for the simple lyricism and the humble, mellow yet confident leading vocal.

As is the D Tech way, the beat creates the energy, and the vocal meanders throughout it in a fitting and artistically relevant manner; ultimately offering the classic hit of authentic hip hop in line with a fresh, contemporary twang that’s becoming increasingly recognisable as this artist’s work.

Crafted to a pristine quality, seeing a select few layers rain down with warmth and rhythmic embrace, the track grows more effective with each revisit, making it the perfectly addictive boost hip hop fans often seek out to get them geared up and ready to take on the day. Listen loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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