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Cymber Lily Quinn, ASCAP Band of Angels


Multi award-winning harpist and artist Cymber Lily Quinn is a musician paving her own way entirely within the music world. Offering up blissfully ambient compositions, carefully balancing skill with artistic intention and plenty of relevant space, her music transcends the barriers of traditional mainstream releases, and instead presents listeners with a truly compelling audio experience; the sort that’s all at once organic, genuine, and delicately dreamlike.

A stand-out release from her recent recordings is the piece Band Of Angels, a solo performance that softly weaves through the quiet around you and intensifies its embrace. While there are numerous tracks to explore from Cymber Lily, many that showcase a slightly fuller set-up – rhythm, bass – this composition creates something decidedly unique for its audience, making it the perfect introduction to her work and artistic direction. You can hear the authenticity in the distant hum of a raw and real recording, and this makes it feel like the whole performance is taking place right there in the room with you.

An exceedingly versatile harpist, with a brilliant sense of identity to her music – a rare quality to achieve. Her fine fusion of natural world sounds, meditative warmth, and musical precision, makes for a truly beautiful listening session. It’s been far from an easy road, but her journey in life has undoubtedly helped craft this style that has such a striking sense of individuality and strength.

On top of the compositions, the awards and performances, for those looking to improve or kick-start their harp skills – Cymber Lily Quinn also offers harp lessons online. Undoubtedly a musician worth knowing about.

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