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Cyborg Asylum Paradigm Shift


Post-Industrial Electronica artist Cyborg Asylum has managed to encapsulate the vibe of a cyberpunk, apocalyptic wasteland in their newest single Paradigm Shift. Comprised of songwriter and producer David Varga, vocalist John Tumminia, and guitarist Phil Jones, Cyborg Asylum could easily be the love child of Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails. Their unique sound has them combining the best elements of industrial rock and electronic music, with Paradigm Shift being the perfect example of just how it can work together so well.

Paradigm Shift paints a picture flushed with deep crimsons, metallic grays, and sandy yellows, and sets it to the pulsating rhythms of synths and guitars. It’s a sort of bleak picture that’s as alluring as it is foreboding.

Once Tumminia enters the picture, he serves as the perfect conduit between the music and the audience – allowing them to become fully immersed in this world Cyborg Asylum is trying to create. This world is even more realized when you listen to the lyrics of not just Paradigm Shift, but the other tracks from the album. They feel like they’re inspired by a sort of Blade Runner dystopian future where artificial intelligence and humans cohabitate the same space, and it’s engaging to say the least.

Cyborg Asylum has crafted an entire world on their latest record, and Paradigm Shift is the best entrance point into that reality. They’ve created a world that is full of provocative danger. A world that plays on the very human (or maybe even android) flaw of being attracted to those things that may end up ultimately hurting us in the end. A world that is not very unlike our own. It’s a concept that Cyborg Asylum has fully realized through both their lyrics and their sound, and it has me absolutely hooked.

Check out the album Never Finished, Only Abandoned on Spotify. Find & follow Cyborg Asylum on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. Visit their Website for more information.

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