CXLD - Edge - Stereo Stickman



“Dream big no matter how you live; life is a test, so
be positive kid.”

* * *

Emerging not only with a commendable, inspiring intention, but a likable persona, and a blissfully mellow, deeply emotive and honest style, CXLD is quick to impress on this single.

Balancing an increasingly likable beat – one that’s notably more spacious, chilled out and optimistic than most hip hop offerings of late – with a story-line that leans back and forth between well-known colloquialisms and personal depth, Edge hits with a little more impact each time you revisit it.

Fresh from the New York scene but bringing a surprisingly chill vibe, there’s a calming mood to the track from the offset, a contemporary fusion of melody and rap, seeing the style tip its hat to the likes of Post Malone as much as the more electronic-angled artists who paint out multi-coloured soundscapes with care and consideration. While it’s easy to get lost in the good vibes of the song, the lyrics are more than worth paying attention to – increasingly so as the track goes on.

CXLD is brilliantly honest and open about his life and his feelings, in a manner that seems left out of much of modern hip hop. The track inspires the good times, sure, but it also reminds you that times can be hard, that everyone occasionally questions themselves and their role within the world.

Brilliant, a beautiful piece of music and writing that fits well amidst the hip hop landscape of today, yet also brings a little truth and realness in addition.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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