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cusp Plovák


cusp’s Plovák is effectively an eight-minute ambient dream for EDM fans. Proving the perfect choice to return to – at the start or end of your day – this fine balance between mid-tempo rhythm, mild distortion and delicate synths, makes for an easy lift or the perfect accompaniment to near-meditative escapism.

Plovák is a composition that was written and released as a dedication to the woman cusp loves. The track is a gift to her, specific and intentional, and though its actual reach spans much further than a one-on-one interaction, knowing of that purpose and passion behind it seems to light up the song’s inherent brightness and beauty all the more so.

The woman in question takes heritage from old Bohemia – the song name comes from Czech and means ‘to float’; a quality that reinforces the uplifting and hypnotically immersive experience the completed piece offers its listeners.

There’s something decidedly humble and also quite creatively pure about this release, it sees no need in turning to volume or quirks, instead it thrives on the strength of its own production and that sole desire to express a particular set of emotions. You’ll find equal parts repetition and a freely progressing journey within – certain aspects loop and embrace you, certain others present a story-line that moves along and evolves. As stated, all of this is subtle, but brilliantly incorporated. A superb new dance track that’s fit to reignite the core essentials of the genre.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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