cruncci - Norman - Stereo Stickman

cruncci Norman


Creative producer cruncci reworks the story of a puppet named Norman, for this ambient and immersive new single.

Captivating from the outset for the simplicity and warmth of these dreamy synths and an intriguing use of space, Norman proceeds to further this embrace with a softly-spoken reading of a secondary story, scripted by our producer.

The release backs that appeal further still with a strangely fascinating series of visuals, which naturally further the hypnotic effect of the overall.

The sequel story itself is distinctly interesting, and what cruncci has done with the music, this uniquely haunting and mildly melancholic sense of isolation, brilliantly captures the essence of what Norman’s tale involved. The puppet was once used in a music video, twenty years ago, and later forgotten about. In this reimagining, Norman is a neglected robot boy serving as an alchemist.

Just one example of the ever-unpredictable and interesting artistic approach of cruncci, Norman acts as a fine gateway through to the likes of a more intense sister sitar, and an equal parts distorted and delicate Verses For Rolanda.

Always the producer leads with some interesting sound or concept to lure you in, and maintains that connection with a fearless devotion to creative freedom above all else.

Check out cruncci on Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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