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Crit Fyah Sin Barrotes


Colombian rapper and artist Crit Fyah, currently based in Madrid, stands tall on the strength of his lyrical progressions and unlimited musical influences united.

Boasting multiple single and EP releases in recent years, Crit Fyah’s climb has showcased both the ability and work-ethic required to carve out a lasting career within music. The stylish design and performative energy of Sin Barrotes speaks volumes on behalf of that.

Refreshingly uniting classic hip hop rhythms with a big-band production of warming bass, horn, keys and vocals, Sin Barrotes makes for an infectious summer anthem for its good vibes and faultless flow combined.

Despite the language barrier many listeners may encounter, the music and flow of the single quickly manage to raise the bar regardless, and the more you revise the song, the more the emotion and motivation at its core reach out.

These qualities ring loud throughout Crit Fyah’s repertoire, with unforgettable hits like Moral Politica fusing conceptual depth with addictive lightness of design and uplifting grooves.

Just one more indie gem in a growing list of impressive and unmistakable releases, Sin Barrotes elevates the Crit Fyah sound and identity further still, and gifts the 2023 music scene a soulful and reflective go-to. The song focuses on gratitude and good intentions, which pour through both musically and via the central performance from Crit.

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