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Courtyards Disarray


An immensely impressive debut from a stand out band, hailing from the UK’s very own Burnley. It’s refreshing to hear another new act from up North that is as enthusiastic as ever about their music, yet still bringing something completely new to the game. Courtyards are definitely one to look out for.

For many reasons, this track – Disarray – stood out by a mile when listening through recent suggestions. It’s not always necessary to draw comparisons, it can often be nothing but an unnecessary dig, but we’re always tempted to try – to hopefully help new artists reach the right kind of audience. Unfortunately (or perhaps not so), in this case, there was nothing really to compare it with. I’m not sure any other band is quite this energetic in it’s expression of clear cut, melodic indie rock mayhem at the moment as Courtyards are. Superbly attractive music, to be appreciated with headphones or at full volume through swish and faultless speakers. Go ahead..

The only act I can say the track possibly reminded me of, is Kill it Kid; another band who only recently made waves in the underground music scene, but whom have actually recently announced their break up. There’s also that gravelly strike of the vocal that we always love, as appreciated previously in Highly Suspect, and Pearl Jam if we’re really digging that far back. The only reason I mention it is that we really enjoyed the thrilling sound and enthusiasm of those bands, and so were equally excited, if not more so, when we discovered Courtyards.

This is the very beginning for them, and starting out with a bang is the best you can hope for. Really, an incredible track, filled with all the right vibes for this kind of genre. We look forward to hearing more from them and catching them at a live show some time soon. Follow the guys on Facebook and Twitter to join them on their journey.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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