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Corlioni Destiny


Creative producer Corlioni’s latest track Destiny is a fresh and melodic dance track with a gorgeous bit of tropical house woven into the mix. The recording is loaded with great vibes, a perfectly timed release for the start of the summer season with a beautiful level of energy and a genuine, beach party kind of ambiance.

The track features a superb soundscape that carries the melody and the mood brilliantly, as well as offering an immediately memorable leading riff and creating a generally laid back yet uplifting atmosphere. The track has been crafted, mixed and mastered in a way that leaves everything crisp and clear and captivating. You’re able to pick out these individual, unique moments of sound, but you’re also able to get completely lost in the overall art of the finished piece. No surprise really, considering the song was mixed in Miami by Austin Leeds, also known for his previous work with Avicii and Paul Van Dyk.

The leading vocal delivering the melody and the concept presents a flawless performance, a stylish and passionate vocal style belonging to Breeze Redwine – an incredible singer who is, amazingly, just fourteen years of age. The melody itself fits the mood of the backdrop remarkably well, the hook is instantly catchy yet not in an overbearing, overly pop sort of way. The whole thing offers a great bit of balance in fact, between the mainstream mood of the moment and the more alternative, free from the confines of expectation sort of edge. The track comes with an awesome European inspired warmth and the crisp sound and energy of it pass on well. Furthermore, the accompanying video is likely to keep your attention fixated on the visuals and the story line as you experience the music.

Listen to the track on Spotify. Find and follow Corlioni on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit his Website for more information.

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