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Constantin D Black and Blue (Amy Winehouse Tribute)


“A lyrical songbird trapped in fame’s cage…”

Composer and songwriter Constantin D enlists the help of a globally collaborative team of talents, to bring to life this devoted and jazz-kissed ode to the one and only Amy Winehouse.

Featuring a funky groove and humble soul-folk vocals, Black and Blue attempts to pay tribute to the essence of the sound presented on Amy’s Our Day Will Come cover, and as such features the central work of multi-instrumentalist Vladmir Berry – who’s sublimely smooth work on the sax injects a more than worthy vibe into proceedings.

Lyrically focused throughout, noting the distinguishing features of Amy’s appearance and musicality, as well as contrasting these with the honesty of observed difficulties once caught within the trap of fame, Black and Blue maintains its musical joy – its bounce and its optimism – in a way that Amy herself tried hard to do. Her music brought good vibes, soulful power and presence, whilst touching on the raw humanity of heartbreak, romance, uncertainty, and struggle.

Also featuring Ukrainian pianist Polina Chorna, with divinely delicate vocals from South African artist Emma Brunette, the final mix of Black and Blue acts as a naturally familiar ode to the sound and style of Amy Winehouse, and at the same time makes sure to acknowledge and empathise with the journey and life that inescapably took her in their grip.

Celebration and sorrow walk hand in hand, and rightfully so, as Black and Blue delivers one of the most fitting and memorable tributes ever to the iconic Amy Winehouse.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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