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Conceptz Backwards


Backwards is a stunning discovery, the essence of organic hip-hop is clear and captivating, and Conceptz have the kind of calm confidence about their voices and their performances that rides alongside of the music beautifully.

The backdrop to the track has the simplicity of classic, mellow hip-hop. There’s an element of jazz to the sound, the loop varies a little as the track progresses, but for the most part the vibe is set by the minimalist energy of the leading riff and the subtle beat. Once you get into the vibe of the sound, the easy going energy of the music, there’s only really the hope that the vocal performances and lyricism that follow will satisfy, and it only takes a line or two to realise that they absolutely will.

That calm sort of confidence mentioned has the effect of attracting your attention by means of this certain skillful and effortless swagger that has the perfect rhythm to it. Both artists of the Conceptz’ duo have a flow that fits this style of music brilliantly, their voices sound smooth yet occasionally gritty, very much in keeping with the themes touched on throughout – their lyrics have an undeniable honesty about them that is hugely valuable. The way in which the artists reflect upon their lives and their experiences thus far has so much appeal.

What’s also interesting about this particular track is that there is a definite sense of structure to the piece, the backdrop does vary a little at times, and the lyricism, the performance, even a touch of melody, all switch up accordingly. There’s an unquestionable level of artistry to this music and it’s the sort that sets in stone the fact that Conceptz are a duo that fans of real hip-hop won’t want to be sleeping through. It’s a brilliant sound, a brilliant track – great energy, great vibes, and a really unique and clever set of lyrics. One for the long term playlist, without a doubt.

They say we nice clean cut dudes, but nice don’t pay the rent..

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