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Driving with gentle yet raspy vocals, a sense of anticipation or rising intensity emerges pretty quickly as this single starts to play. Collin McInelly offers an emotional leading voice that captivates within a minimal setting initially, later reaching higher and higher to meet the needs and the energy of the moment as the track progresses.

Home is something like soft rock or indie pop, actually reminding me a little of U2 by the end – the simple melody, the short lines, the gradually increasing weight of each layer of instrumentation. McInelly’s vocals grow to be quite stunning, his passion and connection to the topic at hand is clear throughout. By the latter half, the beat hits and the guitars take over – an atmospheric, organic ambiance rains down around you. It feels mellow yet also uplifting, as if you’re sitting peacefully on-board a fast train; the world speeding by just outside.

There’s a non-standard structure to this track that means it takes a second listen to really feel familiar with how things go. That’s a valuable quality, in my opinion – there’s an inherent sense of artistry to a song that utilizes every building block in order to represent its central ideas. The way the quiet slowly but surely becomes loudness, the way the calm becomes organised chaos – the whole thing is beautifully emotive and immersive, and it follows its own rules entirely.

McInelly has written this clearly from a place of needing to say something, needing to express certain feelings and connect – sometimes music is the only way. The artist’s voice, as the thread throughout this journey, is one that easily meets the changes at every step, and yet it simultaneously offers a unique tone and a level of personality – a trait that’s likely to prove recognisable within any future releases.

Home is a pleasure to stumble upon, the track uplifts and energizes in a natural, slowly entrancing manner. There’s a classic aura to much of the instrumentation and the style, but the structure refreshes, and nostalgia when fused with something new makes for a treasured experience.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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