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Collegians Black Mass


Black Mass is really a stand out song right now, most prominently because of what is, without doubt, one of the most infectious and memorable hooks offered up in quite some time.

The Collegians’ sound is something that is currently blossoming within its own realm of style and substance. On occasion it feels rock inspired, the sort of melodic, anthemic music that comes from the likes of Muse or 30 Seconds to Mars. At other times, a slightly more retro, Depeche Mode ambiance emerges. Ultimately, what you get from their music is electronic rock with warmth and energy and passion. And of course, on top of this, really strong songwriting – the sort that draws you in and makes certain you take something away from it.

When it comes to non-mainstream music there is often a notable move away from the expected and into unknown territory. This sometimes means the music has brightness, creativity, depth, yet perhaps not a catchy chorus section. In this case, Collegians have taken to including both elements. The music has a definite stamp of identity, the leading vocalist has the perfect rock-meets-EDM tone and performance style to deliver the melody and concept with weight, and yet there’s something nostalgic and comforting about it all.

There’s a lot to love about this. The music is detailed and energetic, vibrant, exciting. The story-telling is rhythmic, hypnotic, and unpredictable. The hard hitting energy of the music seems to contrast with the melody and subsequent addictive quality of the song, and it works well – contrast can be a great thing. Black Mass feels all at once alternative and mainstream, dark and joyful. The band have a sound that’s theirs right now, and their songwriting presents you with the precise formula to make sure you enjoy it.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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