COLL - ROCKSTAR - Stereo Stickman



The UK’s own COLL balances an infectious bounce of a soundscape with a brilliantly anthem-like vocal line, and an overall summer vibe that’s quick to connect.

ROCKSTAR is everything it promises to be, yet it achieves this with a respectable fusion of genres, a multi-layered, chaotic yet addictive soundscape, and a simple yet satisfying hook.

Short lines make up the bars for the verses, quirky and clever references keep a sense of fun and carefree good vibes about the process. Meanwhile the vocal tone and delivery tie in with the progression and changes of the beat, making this a sort of alternative dance-hall-hip-hop crossover that’s all the more engaging the louder you listen.

Breaking it down to the bare essentials is where things get all the more impressive. Quick piano work, multiple vocal fragments, an electronic overtone but also a clever level of organic realness that could easily translate to a full-band set-up on a festival stage.

As an introduction to the artist, ROCKSTAR does everything it needs to. And as a likable breakaway from the intensity and weight of 2020 – it makes for an easy hit of escapism.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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