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Cocoy Claravall Rekindle


Rekindle is a song that touches on the topic of Christianity in a fairly unexpected way. It deals with the fact that, as the artist Cocoy Claravall states, it’s not easy being a Christian in today’s world. This is perhaps not something people come to consider all too often, and for me it results in a refreshingly interesting song that opens your eyes and your mind to the reality of life or of certain life choices.

As a piece of writing and music, or art, the song actually comes through as accessible to any number of audiences – not limited to the specific struggle that created it. The ambiance offers up a classic rock vibe with a contrastingly delicate leading vocal part. These two somewhat opposing elements work really well together in this setting.

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As the track progresses, the soundscape becomes familiar and comforting, and there are several returns to this very distinct hook section that openly presents the central concept (and title) of the song. It’s a fairly smooth melody that brings it through, which again contrasts with the style and edge of the instrumentation. Contrast is good, it makes for effective songwriting and composition, and there’s plenty of it utilised within this release. That includes the change from the verse to the chorus – a striking moment that evolves in a number of once again unpredictable ways.

The verse melody showcases the underlying ideas of the song in a strong, story-telling fashion. There’s an easy going vibe to these moments, a calming aura surrounds you. The hook, however, takes on a much more repetitive stance, and the melody has a certain touch of intensity to it that really stands out among the surrounding sections. It’s an interesting song for sure, Cocoy Claravall has a particular way with writing that makes certain his sound is his. Furthermore, his ideas and creativity inspire you to think a little differently about certain things.

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