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Coconut Shy Water, Water


Acoustic delicacy of both poetic depth and style pours through with familiarity and honest intentions, as Melbourne singer and songwriter Coconut Shy releases the beautifully organic Water, Water.

Featuring the summertime strum of an acoustic guitar, alongside cleanly-mixed, breathy vocals for that intimate, live-vibe presentation, Water, Water smoothly evolves from folk-kissed beginnings to a near-pop-rock brightness for the hook.

By this point, we’re almost in Ocean Colour Scene territory, and Coconut Shy effectively hints at a breadth of influence whilst maintaining a clearly authentic approach true to his own purpose as a songwriter. In short, there’s identity in the structure and sentiments, and the delicacy of the vocal presentation works beautifully in portraying that.

Increasingly catchy, uplifting and heartfelt, the poetry and melodic progression of Water, Water lingers indefinitely after listening. It’s a fine introduction to a thoughtful and naturally compelling songwriter, and the song itself has a timeless aura that will no doubt prove a joy to stumble upon throughout the coming months and years.

Download or stream Water, Water here from October 14th. Check out Coconut Shy on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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