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Clusterfunk Goons


The name of the band and the fact that they include electronic sax in their set-up could give you a fair indication of what to expect from Clusterfunk’s music. Having said that, Goons is a track that surprises in a number of ways. The funk and the jazz are there – the meandering riffs, the creative freedom, the mellow, mildly seductive groove. What unfolds throughout though is something of a retro, electronic-meets-organic soundscape; the sort of four minute plus journey through hopeful, optimistic audio that really lets you unwind.

The single features a number of mood shifts, slight changes in instrumentation – most notably, the switch to the distorted guitar during the latter half of the track. These details or moments make for something that pours out around you like parts of an album might, or the accompaniment to a short film.

Goons is a brilliantly enjoyable piece of music, the vintage sounds presented offer something of a retro gaming feel on occasion, at other times feeling like a fresh blast of inspiration from the eighties, though generally just underlining something completely new, exciting, and fantastically well performed. When you factor in that this is a band, a live performance – by all accounts – the music just comes through as completely soulful; passionate and smooth, colourful and hypnotic. The unreal or dreamlike aura is contrasted with this strong awareness of the real-time creativity and performances that have made it what it is.

Clusterfunk have something bright and wonderful going on, the vibes offered up by their music are irreplaceable, and really easy to escape into. The passion is unquestionable, the pauses within the musicality add to the drama and intensity, and yet the crisp, flawless and satisfying way in which everything meets back up afterwards keep things impossibly flush and tranquil. A live show is a must for those who come upon the opportunity.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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