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Cluster 0 A Crow’s Nest


Heavy bass-work and psychedelic solos intertwine amidst a simple, short yet striking melody to introduce this uniquely intriguing single from Cluster 0.

Emerging complete with an equally hypnotic, retro set of visuals, A Crow’s Nest draws attention for its title and rising sense of anticipation within the first few moments. Throw in a simple yet satisfying structure, and a long-form guitar riff that impresses and proves memorable all at once, and the single delivers the set-up required to quickly appeal to alternative rock fans far and wide.

As the song evolves, the concept connects for its mysteriously poetic undertones, and the subtly increasing passion in that leading voice furthers this mildly haunting aura in a clever way.

It’s undoubtedly the overall feel of the track that appeals initially – the brief synths, the subsequently organic set-up, the accessible, relatable vocal lead, the rhythm. Soon enough though, and indeed with each revisit, the lyrics reach out.

These short lines, this story – it weaves a web around its audience, resolving beautifully with this almost grunge-like, soul-rock hook, exclaiming ‘Two oceans – colliding…’. It feels like a much bigger moment than the simple set-up allows, which speaks volumes on behalf of effective song-writing – and indeed on the potential the track has when it comes to live shows.

Cluster 0 hit with impact here, it’s subtle but infectious, and there’s plenty more music where this came from.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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