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Cloudistrict Pharma


Cloudistrict aim high and absolutely hit the mark with this latest release. Pharma is a superb new song, artistically unique in set-up and style, conceptually relevant to a contemporary world of self-prescribed relief and enhanced realities, but also – melodically brilliant, quickly infectious, and very easy to get into.

Pharma is a track that follows its own rules, introducing Cloudistrict as thoughtful but also creatively free. Sure there’s an air of hip hop to the track, a big beat drives things along and rhythmic vocals help keep it steady and engaging. More than this though, there are flickers of outside influence, hints of other genres and styles, and the more you listen – the more you notice and appreciate.

From the offset, Pharma kicks up with a colourful and dreamlike electro-pop aura. The song’s hook hits the scene early on, and that melody is immensely satisfying and notably memorable – even after hearing it just once. The rap vocal that follows is a little more carefree and laid-back in delivery and content – suiting the nature of the song and its underlying sentiments well. At the same time, the soundscape continues to captivate, and the contrast between vocal moments works beautifully.

The song’s hook is absolutely its greatest selling point – the arrangement, the flow of that melody, the lines chosen, the additional vocal harmonies in the distance; all of this helps it hit with genuine impact. You walk away with this groove and this hook running through your mind. A definite personal favourite from 2019 so far. A powerful track, eye-opening in many ways but also loaded with addictive good vibes that contrast cleverly with the depth of the subject matter.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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