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Cipta Adi Never Go


Cipta Adi is an Indonesian artist – a singer, musician and songwriter – who has recently released his single Never Go, and it’s a beautiful introduction to his work.

Never Go is a blissfully delicate, organic, acoustic performance, featuring – for the most part – just a softly picked guitar and a gorgeously layered set of vocal harmonies. As things progress, the music broadens a little; a touch of keys brighten up the edges and add a new dynamic, nothing too overbearing though – these simple touches are in keeping with the calming ambiance, and still they help maintain your interest throughout.

Cipta Adi’s skills as a guitarist and singer are unquestionable, the performance here is stunning, the sound is simple yet effective in winning your affection. On top of this, the songwriting is where things really come to life. The song is incredibly honest, reflective of some of the deepest human emotions and feelings, presenting sadness at times but mostly an uplifting sense of hopefulness and peace. The lyrics are poetic, so some of the lines appear quite vague on occasion, which actually makes it much more widely accessible to any and all audiences. The chorus brings back that clarity – it’s the point at which everything comes to be still again. The more you listen to this song, the more at peace you’re likely to feel.

Cipta Adi offers up an incredibly unique sound, though it’s one that will fit perfectly within so many different playlists. The music is sublime, the playing is clever, intricate yet not overly flashy, and far from noisy. The lyrics tell a story of love in some new and unexpected way, and this is the final piece of the puzzle. Absolutely worth a listen and download.

Never Go is now available on all digital download platforms. Find & follow Cipta Adi on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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