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Cielo Pordomingo Moirai


Emmy-winning composer and singer Cielo Pordomingo has released her fourth studio album and it’s one that offers a uniquely expressive, engaging and beautiful audio journey for its audience.

MOIRAI introduces itself with delicate tones and softly soulful vocals, an alternative and somewhat experimental yet comforting soundscape emerges as Azul Delirio starts to play. Partly electronic but also notably organic in many other ways, the piece is gorgeously unusual yet musically captivating and melodically entrancing. There’s a mild emotional and theatrical aura to the way things progress, and this holds your interest throughout – the various sections keep things unpredictable and interesting, as well as consistently relevant to this underlying, uplifting mood.

Hush follows the opener and redirects things almost entirely. A marching beat accompanies a now familiar string of lyrics that allow English speakers to experience a slightly more detailed story-line. Though the track is distinctly different from the opener, Cielo’s voice and her style of melodic development and presentation have definite threads about them. There’s a sense of identity throughout all of this, which adds comfort and authenticity at every step.

As things continue, the dance backdrops increase in vibrancy, eclecticism still reigns but rhythm takes the wheel and entrances the listener throughout the superb Tiempo Irreal – a quickly memorable piece with a brilliant groove. Dunas afterwards leads unexpectedly with softly chaotic strings and a sense of unsettled reflection. Still the passion and creative thought that Cielo has crafted the music with stands tall above everything else. The album as a complete experience is undoubtedly where the real strength of the journey lies. Compelling strings continue and are met with a level of rising anticipation for Grietas. 

The album’s title track draws your focus with quiet and space – a select few notes create a live or real-time vibe that slowly evolves into the warmth of an electronic, trip-hop style arena of sound with brief but beautiful vocals. A stunning composition and a definite highlight. Blaring Look afterwards presents a thoughtful story-line and further expressive creativity – designed to underline the various emotions in a powerful way.

Planeta Vanidad takes things down an alternative route again, a somewhat Enya-like pathway of delicacy and rhythm intertwined, but with a dark and partly tribal backbone. Gift Card afterwards lightens the mood a little and offers a series of gentle, industrial tones and samples. Taking its time to build, this is another composition that underlines Cielo Pordomingo as a deeply considerate and purposeful composer – utilizing every second and every sound, never leading with filler or irrelevancy.

Towards the very end, Lunático is another highlight for its fine use of contrast. A thick and distorted bass-line juxtaposes dreamlike vocals, and meanwhile – the whole thing slowly but surely takes on a life of its own; provoking thought but also allowing you to really escape into the moment. A personal favourite.

Warm follows and wraps things up with calmness and a fitting sense of warmth and peace. The lyrics come through faster than expected, there’s plenty being said – the journey in summary, these final thoughts overwhelming as a gentle soundscape pours through. Cielo Pordomingo unquestionably creates music from a place of pure connection to and love for the art-form. With very little outside influence, this project is as creatively free as they come – yet it’s also beautifully mesmerising, and musically impressive in many different ways. A more than worthy experience, particularly for those seeking out a playlist of depth – and one that is genuinely unlike anything else you’re likely to stumble upon this year.

Download the album via iTunes or Bandcamp or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow Cielo Pordomingo on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter & Instagram or visit her Website.

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