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Christopher Tom is an incredibly talented songwriter and musician – writing, performing, recording and producing his own music with absolute skill and devotion. At just 17 years old, the artist has already written hundreds of songs, and Lately is just one of the highlights.

From the EP Plastic People, Lately is a warm and uplifting indie-pop song that offers a sublime melody and some wonderfully organic, distinctly enjoyable instrumental performances. The depth of his writing comes through via even the briefest of lyrics. To possess this so inherently as a creative is a wonderful starting point, to follow it up with putting in the time and effort required to produce such a crisp and satisfying release is all the more impressive.

The indie-pop genre is one that comes in many forms these days. In this case, it is the songwriting first and foremost that stands tall. The brightness and beauty of the instrumentation surrounds the sentiment with that all important warmth, plus – the guitar solo driving things through to the final few moments is superb.

Christopher Tom’s leading voice has a certain realness to it; it’s an authentic and believable presentation of these ideas. Lately is a beautifully compelling and easily memorable piece of music and writing – well crafted, from the heart, simple yet effective and clearly composed with every element carefully considered.

Creativity and professionalism aside for a second, the story behind the music here is particularly inspiring and undeniably important. The making of the Plastic People EP was sadly put on hold earlier this year when Christopher was diagnosed with grade four brain cancer. He has not yet finished his treatment but has managed to complete and release the EP collection, and it’s a magnificent project that features some amazing songwriting.

Because of his own experience, Christopher Tom wants to help others suffering with childhood cancer. He’s donating 100% of the proceeds from the Plastic People EP this October to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. “Now that I’m living it, I understand more about the struggle, the pain, and the challenges that come with having childhood cancer.” Please show your support if you can. Not only are you helping out with an incredible cause, but you’re taking home some incredible music in the meantime.

Download the Plastic People EP via Bandcamp. Find & follow Christopher Tom on Facebook, Youtube & Twitter.

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