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Christine Saadé HYSC?


This recent Get Together remix brings a creative bit of EDM production and merges it with an energetic and stylish touch of pop songwriting and performance. The backing track to the piece has plenty of enthusiasm and good vibes in itself to carry the sound out and around you, as all effective EDM should, the melody however adds much more to the mix. Together, the result is something that any number of audiences could easily get into.

The way the track builds up has the absolute attitude and power of any great instrumental dance track. The artist’s leading vocal has the skill and tone required to bring the melody to life, and the way that this has been mixed into the project makes the whole thing seem complete, and brand new. Both parties involved in the creative process have brought their own sense of character and style to the stage and the fusion of the two works really well.

The track is high energy and floats along somewhere between the dark and the bright – it’s not overly joyful sounding, it’s got a smart and confident edge to it that reinforces the independence, and represents the sense of togetherness in a somewhat more intriguing way. The song’s concept, in other words, is presented in a mysterious and attractive way. It makes it really appealing. The whole thing sounds great and has that perfect balance of vibes to really make you feel ready for the weekend, or whatever it is that you’re about to embark upon. Production wise everything fits brilliantly, allowing you to really just turn the whole thing up loud and let go for a while. The music has a hyperactive kind of bounce to it that really grabs you when you play it at full volume.

Listen to the track over on Soundcloud. Find and follow Christine Saadé on Facebook and Twitter. Visit her Website for more music and info.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

4 responses to “Christine Saadé – HYSC? – Get Together (Ft. Twisted Dee)

  1. We are so proud of Christine and the wonderful new talent she offers to this dance track. Her unique ability to combine a variety of vibes, melody & tones create a fresh new style to music that only Christine can master.

  2. I can only start to imagine what the future will bring this talented , determined young lady !! Her character and positive attitude is felt in her music and will go a long way !! Very happy for the well deserved and well earned success so far .

  3. She is a hard working woman , allways positive, a woman whit lots of talent, her voice is excelent , she deserved more oportuns, she got a lots to ofert , in General all my respect gor this wounderful singer Christine Saddé.

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