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Chris Lewington The Bridge at Midnight


Blending acoustic and distorted properties alongside a raw and relentless rise and fall vocal, for a nostalgic rock sound akin to the darker side of the 60’s and 70’s, the UK’s own Chris Lewington crafts a journey through poetry and energy united, for The Bridge At Midnight.

Coming in at almost six minutes in length, the progressive structure of the single, from the project Starfish Memories, permits it the time and space to really explore this lyrical venture and concept.

The imagery and the references seem chaotic at first, the vocal refusing to pause for thought, but with each new section and indeed each re-visit a little more clarity is shone on the whole.

Utilising aspects of heavier rock amidst the softer folk tendencies of the smaller live scenes, the sound has identity and familiarity combined. Retro keys inject an almost honky-tonk vibe during the instrumental mid-way break, and meanwhile the full-band set-up more than keeps the energy high.

Elsewhere, that vocal proceeds to drone through with its enchanting, haunting properties, that home-made, reverb-kissed realness, and the unmistakable melody – like waves of provocation, continuously pouring through the mix.

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