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Chris Ising All Roads Lead to You


Chris Ising’s return this summer brings a brilliant reminder of the passionate, soulful sound he brings to contemporary country music.

All Roads Lead To You is a beautifully performed single – perhaps this is the most noticeable trait; Ising’s powerful and unique vocal tone and sense of identity. The delivery is loaded with emotion, the artist clearing pouring his heart and soul into the process – increasingly so as the song progresses. Underneath this though, we get to the songwriting – as effective as ever, and respectably fresh.

Driving with simple, subtle verses, the song rises up through its various stages with a subtle level of growing anticipation. Then you get the burst of brightness that is the hook, the ultimate resolve, and the set-up reinforces this evolution beautifully – as does Ising’s own vocal lead.

Everything is as it needs to be, writing-wise, and the final touches are undoubtedly the level of urgency, dedication and energy the singer injects into the take. Even the additional vocal layers add a certain sense of warmth and realness that furthers this.

Really nicely done, a pleasure to listen through – and, as suggested, a great reminder of Chris Ising’s sound and ever-expanding playlist of originals.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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