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Cherry Suede Rise


Cherry Suede lead with experience, passion, and a clear set of intentions and sentiments on this powerful new single. Rise is a song that initially showcases the work of a band with an extensive musical journey both behind and ahead of them. As things progress though, the lyrics begin to intrigue, they strike a rightful chord, and sure enough the whole thing soon becomes a push for progression and positive change.

Rise becomes something much bigger than the band, and much bigger than the listener – it brings together all of us in a striking manner, and it speaks with both hard-truth and optimism in an ultimately uplifting manner. Driving with a power-chord sequence reminiscent of the likes of Greenday, the band then bring in a more classic rock melody – with an aptly soulful, partly raspy leading voice – and craft before you something that’s melodically satisfying, energizing, and a powerful reminder of the direction our generation is heading in.

While the concept is one of making changes, working together to ignite a better future, the song itself also works to re-light the flame of a genre and style of musicality more notably linked to yesteryear. Cherry Suede are set to be a huge part of the rock resurgence that’s slowly but surely taking place in contemporary music. The days of gritty vocals, anthem-like melodies, and full-throttle, organic instrumentals, are missed by many. So seem the days of environmental peace and societal unity. Hopefully though, steps are indeed being taken, by all of us, towards a brighter tomorrow.

At around the three-minute-mark, the song takes a turn in a new direction – a spacious middle-eight creates an effective moment of pause, recapturing any wandering minds, and allowing for contrast to make that final hook hit with absolute impact. The very essence of this word, Rise, in this context, is beautifully well represented by this moment. The passion in that leading voice, the simplicity of the line, the weight of the music – there’s an uplifting aura to it, the idea sinks in because of the strength and heart of the music, and that leaves you with a longing sense of awareness. It provokes you to truly consider the world and your role within it, and that makes all the difference – starting the conversation is often the hardest part.

Cherry Suede are a superb rock band regardless, but Rise is something that seeks to break down the barriers between us, effectively giving them a whole new appeal and sense of relevance.

Look out for the single on all platforms as of April 28th – pre-save it here. Find & follow Cherry Suede on Facebook & Instagram or visit their Website.

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