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Cherry-Ilex Love Me


Stunningly delicate, expressive and breathy vocals meet with the simple strum of an acoustic guitar for this refreshingly intimate, poetic and enchanting new single from Cherry-Ilex.

The raw and genuine presentation of this release helps really elevate it from the outset, but what’s great is the freedom of the progression. The melody shifts, subtle strings and details showcase rising passion as the story evolves, and additional vocals come into play for that deeply soulful, nostalgic sound akin to the legends of a simpler era.

RnB tones and unique songwriting, alongside a few familiar lyrical threads for relatability – Love Me underlines the clear talent of the songwriter and vocalists at work.

The authenticity of the performance reinforces the loving qualities and the realness of the writing. Even when more and more details emerge, the struggle and the ache of reality, the set-up consistently reinforces the truth of the moment.

Featuring a blissful melodic meandering, particularly the shift to that Gospel-esque, choir-touched moment of brightness, the emotive peak, the single shines light on a whole new side to the Cherry-Ilex sound.

A refreshingly real take on modern musicality, tipping its hat back to the bare essentials for a true connection.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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