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Cheflodeezy Koockin & Juggin


For a single that hits hard from the offset, Miami-based rapper and artist Cheflodeezy blends faultless, varied flows with sharp rhymes and a breathless delivery that refuses to let-up.

As an introduction to his sound and style, Koockin & Juggin is an alternative hip hop anthem with a classic darkness to it that conjures up memories of the most confident and striking acts from way back when. In this case, there’s a contemporary freshness to the trap beat, the haunting rise of the piano, and the unforgiving determination and grit in the vocal tone.

Coming in at close to four minutes, the single leaves its soundscape and that rising piano riff lingering in your mind indefinitely. Then you get these short lines initially, simple references that pave the way as an initial modern flow towards the resolve of the hook.

Soon the passion ramps up a few gears, Cheflodeezy adopting a fully immersive, attention-grabbing flow, which pours through with unwavering depth and self-belief. There’s a strong sense of leadership to the performance, and to the way the artist rides the beat by switching lanes intermittently yet never failing to hit the mark.

During the latter half, things get quicker, more personal, more cutting. It’s a captivating progression that pushes hard for the track to become more and more interesting and memorable as it progresses, which it does with ease.

Not a rapper taking the art-form lightly, undoubtedly one to watch out for in the coming months.

Single out on all platforms May 1st. Find & follow Cheflodeezy on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

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