Chef Zoot - Underwater ft. Chow Mane [prod. Benihana Boy] - Stereo Stickman

Chef Zoot Underwater ft. Chow Mane [prod. Benihana Boy]


Underwater¬†brings the smooth and mellow vibes of hip-hop and tops them off with a characterful vocal tone and a flow that represents the track’s sentiments and style really well. The depth of the leading voice, the lyricism, and the performance styles all create a striking contrast with the softness and ambiance of the musical backdrop.

The song’s concept is something that is consistently represented and referred to, not just lyrically but in the sound of the music – the dreamlike mood of the instrumentation, the way the soundscape floats alongside of the beat; the whole thing has been crafted as a complete, considerate, and relevant piece of art. Those classic hip-hop vibes are present, the music moves along in a rhythmic and easy to get into manner. On top of this, the leading voices bring about something new, something fresh to connect with. The performances are professionally and skilfully executed, but much more than this – there’s a definite sense of individuality to the sound; you’d recognise it again in an instant, and that makes all the difference.

Conceptually the track takes a pretty simple yet memorable topic and utilises it through and through within the walls of the recording. The production is flawless, another element that is both creative and professional to the point that it simply works – it grabs you, and it keeps you involved. There’s a smoothness that gives off those laid back good vibes that were once the heart of the genre. As the flow develops, the movement of the lyricism brings a structural evolution that adds a contrasting touch of chaos to the atmosphere, adding further to the fact that the song keeps you interested at every moment. Your mind can wander if it wants to, as is the mood of the music, but when you pay attention there’s plenty to soak up.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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