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Cheef Toph Decisions (Feat. Russel AKA Playboy)


Decisions is the brand new collaborative release from Cheef Toph and Russel AKA Playboy, a track with an organic and colourful groove, and a series of increasingly impressive vocals and lyrics that work well to create something smart and genuine.

Beginning with a touch of dialogue, and a retro yet crisp jazz-cafe soundscape, the song goes on to offer a structurally thoughtful, intentional piece of music and writing. The whole thing works well to calm you, presenting story-telling and a mellow depth of tone in every case, feeling rooted in authentic hip hop but also creative and quietly confident enough to add originality and undeniable skill.

Both verses intrigue and connect in slightly different ways – the pace picks up after the half-way point, the beat is familiar now, and that latter half vocal is incredibly smooth, rhythmically hypnotic, and conceptually captivating as insightful and reflective lyrics pour through with subtly increasing passion and intensity.

Decisions is a brilliant new hip hop track, the sort that follows its own rules – paves its own way and utilizes the strength of the music as much as the opportunity to shine lyrically and performance-wise. There’s something humble yet intelligent about the whole thing, bringing listeners a refreshing alternative to the high-energy loops and anthem-like simplicity of much of modern rap. A timeless classic, a pleasure to stumble upon.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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