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Chaunter introduce their sound and their unique passion for creativity in a brilliantly enjoyable way with this latest single and video release Boo Cat. From the offset there seems to be a consistent flow of likable building blocks – the opening vocal melody is the song’s hook, which draws you in with its high beginnings and subsequent drop to the lower depths; conceptually and melodically. The video too is immediately captivating, offering a Bowie and Labyrinth style set-up – musically there’s a hint of this too, interwoven among flickers of MGMT and similar creatively free bands.

As the song progresses, the indie-rock fuzz and warmth is replaced by a choir of vocals and an entirely new melody – a mildly theatrical, musical-style moment; quickly likable again, yet completely unexpected. You soon come to know the band for their unexpected or unpredictable approach to musicianship and art in general. Later on, an impressive and perfectly fitting flute solo appears, and following that, a satisfying hit of electric guitar.

Meanwhile, the video continues to weave its fascinating world around you – the story being that of love lost and only its memory remaining. The way the band have tackled this subject matter is quite brilliant, endlessly entertaining – this goes for both the song and the video. The musical soundscape is vast and colourful, multi-layered and a pleasure to have fill the room.

Despite earlier comparisons, there’s an easy to appreciate air of originality to this entire release. Every element and every new moment that passes seems unusual yet perfectly suited once it arrives. Boo Cat is alternative, for sure – appealing for its edgy weirdness and the way the music and the voices do whatever the hell they need to. At the same time, the melody is undoubtedly something of an ear-worm – I’d be surprised if anyone could walk away not humming at least one line from the song.

This is a joy to discover – originality and individuality are tricky to achieve these days, but Chaunter seem to naturally possess those qualities. I look forward to the album in March – their debut, Dream Dynamics.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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