This latest project from CHASE feels quickly refreshing considering that the first thing to strike is the fact that this artist has bars – line after line that hits and connects in a clever and quick way. So much of modern indie hip hop follows a particular flow or a single lyric and just loops it, sometimes not even to an intense or captivating degree. In this case, the flow varies from mellow to relentless and barely leaving room to breathe. In among that are impressively crafted lines, story-telling and personality that feels genuine and skillful.

Lashin Out kicks things off with a musically heavy piece that leaves its mark well. Lyrically though, the project grows more interesting as it progresses. Miserable is a breakthrough moment, the details and the progression are genuinely compelling, and meanwhile this soulful and partly organic backdrop creates the perfect mood to consider the story within. The song’s hook works beautifully too. Things continue to get better from this moment.

333 is another stand-out track for its similar level of reflective calm and consideration. The guitar sound works well among a classically thick hip hop beat, and by now you know the voice, you know the style, so all that’s left to do is listen and let the truth connect. You can escape into this playlist and feel like it was worthwhile, like someone real built it for a sense of understanding – as well as through a clear love for music and performance.

Zxmbie Boy sees CHASE lean in more of an emo-rap direction, a fusion of rap and melody among a reverb-soaked backdrop creates a Lil Peep-like aura. Having said that though, the clarity of this vocal is easy to appreciate right the way through the album. Auto-tune or industry expectations have had very little involvement creatively, so even when there’s something familiar about the mood, CHASE manages to bring it back and make it his own. This song is very easy to vibe to – the mind wanders among the soundscape and the varying vocal flickers.

Beauty Queen sees energy and brightness come back into play. A colourful, multi-layered ambiance accompanies an energetic outpouring of impressive lyricism – a definite highlight, musically beautiful and featuring a fantastic performance during both the verse and the hook. The contrast between the two works brilliantly.

Her4u at the penultimate moment sees CHASE get intimate and personal with a string of thoughts directed at a significant other. The musical mood is calm yet melancholy to reflect the ideas within. Once again, brilliant bars are contrasted with quickly enjoyable and fitting moments of melody. A really well crafted track that grows more immersive as it progresses.

Bringing the album to a finish is the unforgettable F**k 2018. A classic and even vintage hip hop beat offers up a lively sense of optimism and energy, within which CHASE puts out one of his most structurally thoughtful performances yet. The mellow groove lets the story-line reach out in a mighty way, and all the while its incredibly easy to get into the groove of the whole thing. Furthermore, just as you attempt to get complacent, that title comes into view – that shock value, that refusal to be predictable. It’s a short recording, less than a minute and a half, but an absolute final highlight and a great way to go out. The Currency Of Love is easily worth a download for the high quality and the lyrical prowess combined.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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