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Chaplin’s Dream Salt of the Earth


Introducing a rock anthem of immediately cinematic and arena-style presence, the reverberating, distorted embrace of Salt Of The Earth showcases a quickly immersive, dark and captivating act at the peak of modern metal’s reach.

Bulgaria’s Chaplin’s Dream are the band, exercising their right to explore long-form sound-play alongside memorable riff work, whilst delving into the progressive rock aura of poetic, medieval-esque storytelling and theatrics.

Coming in at five minutes and thirty-nine seconds, Salt Of The Earth hits a little differently to the more classic releases of this genre. Blending elements of metal and prog with a perhaps more striking, accessible indie edge, the song offers catchy moments and structural familiarity, for an increasingly engaging listen.

Loaded with passion, character and melody, Salt Of The Earth has a boldness about it, whilst venturing towards that arena-rock appeal with its multi-vocal hook exploding into view as the perfect resolving moment.

Recognisable in tone and indeed this freely expressive manner of songwriting, Chaplin’s Dream shine new light on this style of music, connecting for their lyrical and musical approach alike, and actually transcending any simple genre tags for a more emotive, powerful and broadly accessible journey. The latter half in particular is musically faultless, beautiful even, and elevates things further still.

Wonderful, purposeful and mighty – I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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