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Champ de Mars Kids


Indie rock warmth of strong riffs and a hopeful groove – Champ de Mars light up the space with ease, for the beautifully crafted single Kids.

From the album Halloween Leaves, Kids marks a fine introduction to an indie rock act with a poetic and powerful heart to their songwriting. The release unites the uplifting energy and anthemic quirks of timeless rock, with a uniquely provocative, intriguing and relatable conceptual depth. The verses lure you in with scenes and references both familiar and uncertain, before resolving brilliantly for the simplicity and brightness of ‘Kids rule the world.’

Feeling both nostalgic for its soft rock sensibility and perfectly modern for its electronic overtone and the captivating visuals that accompany it, there’s a whole a lot to love about the single Kids – even the leading voice has that engaging humility and realness akin to the indie champs of a simpler era. Cleverly appropriate then, that the project Halloween Leaves emerges under the name Champ de Mars.

Superb songwriting, memorable and structurally impactful – building up with humble intensity during the final moments, and ultimately making sure to leave that central theme and hook whirling through the mind indefinitely. Halloween Leaves is an album well-worth delving into this season.

Find Champ de Mars via their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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