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Chad George SUIT & TIE


Capturing the heart of modern culture, producer and artist Chad George unites the rising realm of NFT’s with timeless, ambient and hypnotic music, alongside an edge of hip hop, for an ultimately enchanting audio-visual experience.

From artwork to intricate sound-design, tracks like SUIT & TIE present the vastness of space between distant bass, heavy rhythms and delicate, heavenly synths. In the same action, a soulful vocal – lightly auto-tuned -injects both melody and rap, throughout a story-telling progression that’s as refreshing as it is catchy and alluring.

The style continues to embrace listeners, but no two tracks are the same – not in artwork nor musicality. The voice remains though – this tone and personality, the emotion and versatility of flow, acting as a calling card throughout. Consider the trap pace and uplift of JUMANJA as a fine example of eclecticism on par with identity.

Other highlights from the Chad George collection include the haunting piano-led downpour of LEGENDARY – fiercely hypnotic yet contemporary in its short rhymes and single-note evolution from verse to hook. Hard-hitting references again further that reach for the modern audience. Meanwhile the production keeps things fresh, musically engaging – prompting interesting in a live show.

With GET IT BACK, suddenly we’re guided by exotic fingerstyle guitar. Another infectious melody, another story, reflective of the current struggle, followed by a quick-paced vocal that immediately raises the bar and helps the track stand out.

From The Weeknd to Juice WRLD and even the likes of Prince, creativity stands tall amidst a clear sense of emotional and stylistic integrity. Chad George has captured a sound of his own, and the music and visuals appeal in unison for a professional and easy to escape into artistic venture. GET IT BACK, as such, is a personal favourite, and is contrasted cleverly by the likes of 6AM – complete with its whispered vocals and scene-setting for another late-night listen that’s as entrancing as it is comforting to lay awake to.

Also worth checking out is D9RK KNIGHT for its striking sense of intensity, its distorted, euphoric darkness and admittedly unique, unpredictable melodic development. Then there’s HERMES, equally disconcerting in mood but energising, even motivational, in pace and lyrical presence. The topical edge works well, as does the change in vocal inflection – that versatility standing tall yet again.

Consistency and talent pave the way – work ethic, passion and precision delivering high quality music and artwork time and time again. Naturally one to watch.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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