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Cesare Una Cosa Di Famiglia


It’s hard to classify Una Cosa Di Famiglia by Cesare. On one hand, the beats laid down are hard, technical, heavy, and scream new. On the other hand, the vocal performance lacks the oversimplification of today’s scene, and tends more toward the genuine, hard hitting gangster rap of the nineties, but with a complexity and rhythm entirely separate from what you’ve heard. A style born from a place like Detroit is often in a league of its own, and an Emcee like Cesare working the fiercely competitive and burgeoning independent music scene of the city has a clearly established sound and style.

Music that isn’t produced by the best or invested in mentally, physically, and emotionally by its artists doesn’t survive a scene like Detroit. What Cesare has undoubtedly does though, and will continue to. Una Cosa Di Famiglia has samples and beats that are absolutely unreal. A testament to his own bilingual talent, the song pulls a Godfather-esque violin score into a hard hitting beat and lays vocals down in multiple languages. In a political atmosphere as divisive as today’s, seeing an approach to music with such a genuine multicultural appeal is refreshing, and incredibly rebellious in its own perfect sense.

Featuring top-notch performances from S. A. Calle Inmortal and Payroll Giovanni, Una Cosa Di Famiglia is the first offering to be heard from Cesare’s forthcoming album, and it’s an exciting and energizing piece that promises a new era in hip hop: a return to the quality and values of old, without sacrificing the advances and teachings of everything new. Una Cosa Di Famiglia is a testament to what music can be in the hands of an artist as talented as Cesare, and it seems that anyone that hears it can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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