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Cesar Belifonte CESAR


Musically and visually intimate, focused and rhythmic yet raw and honest in its depiction of the artist – Cesar Belifonte showcases uniquely raspy, expressive vocals across his mellow yet purposeful anthem CESAR.

Featuring a darkly captured accompanying video to reinforce the isolation of the bars and the identity at the heart of the writing, CESAR follows an initially mellow, melodic piano soundtrack and trap beat, later injecting pace and presence with the voice – and mixing things up with the flow to create a sense of progression and performance as things move.

The delivery increases in pace unexpectedly – part way through the first verse Cesar goes hard on the story and wordplay, right before letting things fall away to that simple piano backdrop once again; contrast working well.

The second verse delves into poetic contemplations a little more, calling out the Devil and God yet still with plenty of contemporary references and hits of confidence. Subtle fragments of deeper thought interwoven with easy raps and some quirky rhymes, a relevant style yet with a suggestion of the story-telling that could follow with future releases.

Directed by Gutta Tarentino, the new video makes for a fearlessly stripped back introduction to Cesar Belifonte – check out the director’s cut here.

Check out Cesar Belifonte here or via Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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