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CerVon Campbell Illuminati


Illuminati¬†begins as a complex and emotional piece of music; the intro very briefly presents a piano, played in a distant and thoughtful way, then the bulk of the song starts to emerge, and there’s a lot to love about it.

CerVon Campbell is a songwriter, not simply a lyricist or singer – this release has structure, depth, creativity, emotion, and tonnes of appeal. The artist’s leading voice has a huge amount of character, but it’s the melody, the poetic expression, and the varying musical moments that make this what it is. There’s strength in the originality of the track – there’s so much space around the vocal part on occasion, often followed up by those opening chords that create an ambiance of genuine emotion and intensity. The varying moments have such impact because there’s contrast between them; the space is followed by volume, the volume is followed by space and quiet, and that hook – the key idea or concept of the song is presented in a striking and memorable way, and it works incredibly well.

Even when you think the whole thing is over, the mix is switched up a gear once again; the music is portrayed in a playful and carefree yet considerate manner, somehow seeming laid back yet intent on expressing a very specific sentiment. There’s a lot to appreciate, as mentioned, and Illuminati is a song that it’s easy to listen to several times over and not get tired of it.

CerVon Campbell is a talented and interesting artist. This unique energy and musicality speaks volumes for his artistry and for what will hopefully evolve into several more releases or a much longer project for audiences to embrace. The backdrop is beautiful, the melody is beautiful, the beat and the lyrics are expressive, reflective, unusual – it all makes for a powerful listening experience.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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