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Celiane the Voice Why Can’t You!


Celiane the Voice has, rather unquestionably, one of the most individual, unique sounds around right now. Why Can’t You is a complex and emotional song that surprisingly brings together some thick and heavy elements of distorted EDM with a lot that is incredibly soulful and melodic. Bill Williams’ production on the track is superb, and Celiane’s vocal style and delivery fit the developing soundscape beautifully.

The first thing to hit you about this single is the unusual nature of the sound. It’s intense and energizing, it feels fit to mark the height of a night out. At the same time though, once you get into it – at close to six minutes long the experience is something of an extended journey – there’s so much heart and depth in the lyrics.

The writing is inspiring, it celebrates self-empowerment and appreciating people for who they really are. The concept is gorgeously well presented by the singer, and furthermore – the music builds and falls away accordingly, so the drop (in particular) hits with absolute impact and greatly increases the effect and presence of those underlying sentiments.

On occasion this song felt like it was the missing link from a 90’s hit movie, perhaps the near-operatic style of the singing has a choir-like, When Doves Cry aura about it. This is just about the only real ‘comparison’ that comes to mind though. Celiane has taken a new and unpredictable approach to music, but at the same time – she has clearly factored in a knowledge of what works in appealing to a wider audience, so it connects on a number of levels. The song appeals for its alternative nature, and it satisfies in the way that any great EDM or pop hit needs to. A winning combination.

Download the single via CDBaby. Find & follow Celiane the Voice on Twitter & Instagram. Visit her Website for more info.

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