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CedMoney Unreleased Drop


Classically-rooted hip hop meets with a contemporary edge of flow and storytelling as CedMoney gears up to release his hard-hitting new album Unreleased Drop, this May.

Freshly released from the album, tracks like BackEnd introduce the increasing pace of his relentless bars, a quietly confident vocal tone, and an unwavering sense of presence in both lyric and performance.

The accompanying video reinforces these qualities with that classic street rap intensity and the collaborative switch to CEOSmoke keeping things dynamic; the energy forever evolving.

Featuring a simple yet catchy hook for an anthemic vibe that again backs up the timeless weight of the overall track, BackEnd introduces the upcoming full length project on a high.

Other singles like Impressed deliver more of that now recognisable vocal style yet veer off to explore the concept of confidence and competition in a more focused and musically simple manner. The bars are faster, the solo performance gripping with each new verse progression, and the music also weaving in a likeable melodic angle from the mid-section for that additional twist of identity.

Unreleased Drop keeps things motivational yet inspired and influenced by the naturally impressive and honest nature of hip hop’s past. CedMoney injects his own degree of character and style, with skilful bars, nostalgia, and faultless flows meandering through each soundscape.

Check out the project from May 5th here. Follow CedMoney on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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