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Castor Pollux & Dustin Hodges Shoveling Shit


Impressively elevating expectations from the outset, the implied basicness of the title and artwork lure you in to what proves a brilliantly creative, intelligent and faultlessly rhythmic outpouring of poetic bars and refreshingly artistic musicality.

Nostalgic in many ways for its simplicity in pairing the industrial and raw soundscape with the cleanly mixed, relentless rap vocal, Shoveling Sh*t manages to quickly become both the laid-back listen for a gentle Sunday wake up, and the high-octane inspiration required to gear you up for something big. This comes from the impeccable vocal play of the raps, engaging from the start and in fact so relentless that a single listen to the sub two-thirty track is far from enough to capture every idea and reflection.

So we delve back in, and the alternative vibe of the music makes that an easy choice – nostalgic threads are minimal in line with the originality of the writing and the ultimate finish of Shoveling Sh*t.

What the basic approach in artwork and title does is intrigue (along with the cinematic reference in the artist name, for those who know), and the rest of the work proves effortless for an unflinching and confidently compelling Castor Pollux. Well worth knowing about, hopefully there’s more to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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