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Casey Ryan Shapeless (Live Acoustic)


Artist and songwriter Casey Ryan takes things back to the bare essentials with this beautifully soulful, stripped-back acoustic delivery that is Shapeless.

Emerging complete with a live acoustic video session, the single introduces a simple strumming pattern and a gorgeously raspy, soulful and genuinely expressive vocal style.

Soon enough the lyrics show themselves to be equally honest and raw, poetic and deeply personal all at once. The words captivate as this simple yet satisfying melody weaves its web around you.

Directly addressing a significant other, Shapeless takes a fresh look at a familiar series of feelings and experiences, and this helps it connect for its sense of reality and newness combined.

The song has a powerful hook section to it, a moment that takes its time to arrive but ultimately sees things shift from good to great in a mere few seconds. Casey’s already likable and unique voice reaches incredibly passionate peaks, and it’s sudden – an emotional outburst, perfectly in tune with the song’s underlying sentiments; a hook that essentially cries out on behalf of heartache and all the uncertain feelings so many listeners will have been through.

A brilliantly compelling performance, likely breathtaking in the live setting – hopefully those days return to us soon. Casey Ryan takes classic songwriting and puts a clear spin of identity and intimate, personal truth on it, but perhaps more importantly – he blatantly pours his absolute heart and soul into the performance. Beautiful.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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