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Caroline Ferrante’s EP Sky is a beautiful release, loaded with uplifting vibes and positive energy – the perfect kind of soundtrack to see us into these upcoming winter months with a touch of comforting warmth and inspiring hopefulness.

Beginning with Feels Like A Holiday, you may form a certain opinion about the kind of music that’s to come. The song is fantastic in itself – the ukulele, the rhythm, the melody, the concept – it all feels relevantly like a holiday, as music should; a wonderful escape from hard work and difficulty. To expect more of the same is a little off the mark though. What Caroline Ferrante showcases throughout this four-track release is immense versatility and a uniquely inspired sense of creativity that strikes all at once as incredibly professional, deeply soulful, and forever unpredictable.

Better Angels is an entirely different kind of song to the opener. It’s a huge song, dramatic and intense, mighty and memorable for its passion and its poetry. The singer’s vocal performance is stunning here, the surrounding music has been arranged in a way that allows the story-line and the intricate details to shine just when they need to, and then later to support and enhance the height of those soulful moments of expression.

Great Big Beautiful World switches things up once again. This song has a vintage sound that fuses joy and nostalgia in a surprisingly refreshing and uplifting manner. The music and the voices build and build to create and keep that passion and that energy alive and well. The song’s concept is invaluable, the message is important, the overall vibe of the music and the melody reiterate the sentiment superbly, and those good vibes pass on well as you listen. Caroline Ferrante’s voice seems able to cater to whatever the situation requires. The great thing about this EP is that you can hear how much the songs mean to her before you even start forming your own connection to them. Then later, as you familiarise yourself with the hooks, the melodies, the instrumentation – the songs become yours, and they’re likely to mean something different yet equally inspiring to everyone who listens.

Symphony is the closing song of the project. The spacious introduction to this one reinforces that element of classic or vintage music and performance. Caroline’s voice is laid almost completely bare, highlighting its power and effortlessly smooth sound, before building once again to create yet another uplifting and energising soundscape to embrace and to lean upon when times are tough. Considering the short length of this collection, a lot happens within the walls of this EP. The songwriter has a lot to offer, and the performances never fall short of sublime. Hopefully there’s a lot more to come.

Download the EP via Bandcamp. Find & follow Caroline Ferrante on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit her Website for more information.

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