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Caroline Ferrante’s latest EP Beyond feels for the most part like a totally different project to her last release. Still the sound is hers, of course – her voice, the power, the melodies, the ideas. However, in this case, the instrumentation feels incredibly full – the warmth of the music is greatly strengthened by this big-band sound, and subsequently the leading artist’s own performances seem soaked in a new level of passion.

River Flow kicks off the project and makes for an immensely colourful and all-inclusive piece of music and performance. You’re quickly swept away by the energy and vibrancy of it all, feeling suddenly involved in and welcomed to this all-inclusive gospel choir – complete with the folk-rock layers of an alternative orchestra.

Peace Be Still follows the opener and feels a little more closely connected to the last EP Skythere’s delicacy here that stands tall in contrast with what came before. The song feels like a classic from a heartfelt film, even sounding a little Eva Cassidy-like in the vocal intricacies, the lyrics, and the waves of melody. After this, contrast works its magic again, in a heavy way. A Little More Faith reawakens the gospel choir and brings with it a far more unquestionable level of Christianty and love. The passion here is mighty, Caroline guides the song along with certainty and strength, and the rock and roll instrumental aspects sharpen the edges superbly. In addition, the choir accompanies in a beautiful way, reigniting that sense of togetherness and marking yet another bold and memorable moment within the project.

The EP is brought to a finish with the gentle optimism and gratitude of Hear Your Love. Again, this feels emotionally epic, the build-up and the way it’s all been crafted and arranged – the various sections of the song hit with relevant impact. Simple repetitions reiterate the key ideas, and the changing melody underlines those that matter the most. It’s a beautiful song, mildly specific but warming in the way that any hopeful or uplifting piece of music should be, for anyone who hears it. This final song is a highlight in many ways, it’s less energetic than some of the others, but it feels like it means something in perhaps a more sincere manner. It feels intentionally loyal and bright, making it a powerful and fitting way to end the EP.

Caroline’s voice and her sound as an artist have taken strong steps with this release and it definitely pays off. Everything works well and a live show is the only thing missing from the experience.

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